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Ryan Sedam Infinity Homes

Ryan Sedam discovered his passion for sketching and drawing buildings at a young age. As a high school student, he decided to take what he had learned on his own and see where it would lead. Ryan started by interning for a local firm as and they say, the rest is history. During this time, he began reimagining and redesigning the interiors of homes – from creating new one-room residential additions to even adding a second level to functional and outdoor spaces. He mentions that one of his favorite parts of residential and commercial design is walking the site and really helping the client visualize what’s possible as well as what might need adjusting according to the lay of the land.

Now, Ryan has created Infinity Home Designs to continue sharing his passion and talents for residential and commercial design. He believes, “Your house should be a reflection of how you want to live at an affordable price.” He continues, “Your home is a big deal. We want to create a design that brings each of our customers’ visions to life. Really, anything is possible and working together, we can help you make that a reality.”

Currently, Ryan and his wife Ashley reside just outside of Augusta with their two boys, Miles & Charlie. “Ashley really pushes my design ideas outside my comfort zone and is a big help to our business. We want to create and leave a legacy for our boys to show them that with hard work, anything is possible.”

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