Pittman Residence

Mrs. Pittman found Infinity Home Designs through our Facebook page and reached out for help. What makes this project unique is that they live in a home from the late 1800’s. Over the years, additions were made that created a lot of wasted space: all the bedrooms had doors connecting rooms to one another, ceilings were made flat at a lower height so there wasn’t much head room, and there was a bedroom in the middle of the house with an interior window to the foyer that could double as a “fire exit”. Our goal was to keep within the architectural and aesthetics of the original structure as much as we could, but still create a true 3-bedroom and 2-bath house. We also utilized an interior 3D walkthrough which allowed her to make changes to the plans and see the results prior to construction beginning. A small additional fee for the 3D allowed her to save money at this point of the construction process.

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